Our Proposal

Tim and I flew out to the East Coast in December of 2009 to celebrate Christmas with his families on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. On the day of Christmas Eve, 2009, in between Merkel and Galasso family gatherings, Tim told me that we were going to drive to a local gourmet grocery store to pick up some goodies for gift baskets. We took the ferry from Greenport to Shelter Island, where Tim had shown me around the previous summer. Not being from Long Island, I assumed that there was indeed a gourmet grocery store open on Christmas Eve on Shelter Island.

There had been an unusual number of snow storms in the days before our arrival, so snow was piled up on the sides of the road. When we pulled off the plowed road into Camp Quinipet, I lost all expectations of buying olives or mixed nuts. Tim helped me out of the car through the mounds of snow and onto the beach. I had never seen snow on a beach before, and it was startling to see snow still piled on the exposed tips of rocks out in the water. We walked hand in hand along the picturesque beach until Tim suggested that we go up to the gazebo on the water. As soon as I had climbed the stairs, Tim pulled me into his arms and shared with me his dreams for our future. With tears in both our eyes, he asked me to marry him. I said, "Yes."


Together we enjoyed the harbor panorama in the crisp air for a few minutes before heading back through the snow to the car. On the way home, Tim stopped the car at the Shelter Island Pharmacy and ordered a black and white milkshake for us to share.