The Wedding Party

We are very lucky to have close family and firends who have agreed to stand up for us and serve as our bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here's a little information about each of them.

Laura Innes, Maid of Honor

Laura and I grew up only a few houses apart, and have been friends since I can remember. She has a great story about Twin Day in kindergarten, when she and I planned to wear our pink and frilly costumes from dance class. Despite attending college across the country from each other, we still manage to be just as close each time we talk or get together. I look forward to staying close and in a few years taking our kids to Disneyland together. Laura is attending graduate school at the University of California, Irvine, to pursue a career in biophysics and international relations.

Laura Power, Bridesmaid

Just to make things complicated, I have two wonderful friends named Laura. Laura Power and I got to know each other when I joined her Girl Scout troop and through playing sports together in high school, and we ended up sharing a lot of common interests. Laura surprised me when she was first called for a foul in water polo, and she has been full of surprises ever since. I feel lucky to have such a fun and talented friend, and I’m so thrilled that she will be coming back from graduate school in Finland, where she is studying biomedical engineering, for the wedding.

Michelle Barton, Bridesmaid

I met Michelle in high school, and wish that I had known her forever. She’s an inspiration for maintaining impressive drive and dedication while being one of the most fun and interesting people I know. She went on to get her teaching credential and specialization in teaching mathematics in Arizona. During the 2010-11 school year she taught all math levels in a middle school in Arizona. I’ve been picturing her classes this year, as my connection to the classroom now that I’m working in the research end of education. I hope that California pulls Michelle back soon, so that I can spend more time with her.

Ashley Daniel, Bridesmaid

Ashley and I met while working at the Aquatic Center of a YMCA. I thought when she suggested that we meet up at the beach for the annual work outing that she was just being nice. She called me on it when I didn’t go, and so I took her more seriously when she invited me to play billiards. We quickly became close friends. She has been my rock through many storms, and my wing girl ready to have a great time. I’m so honored that she will be coming all the way from Florida to celebrate the wedding and spend some much needed girl-time together.

Matt Chingos, Best Man

Matt and I weren’t always two peas in a pod. But lately, we’re best friends. Whether bonding over things that are “hard” or simply laughing at the latest episode of South Park, Matt and I always have a good time whether talking on the phone or hanging out together. Matt is a great brother who has always been supportive. Whether it’s driving me around the greater Boston area to help me prep for interviews or ensuring that I’m set up with the best of shaving supplies, Matt is the best brother. I’m excited to have Matt venture to California and stand up with me as my best man, or as we like to call it, my Grand Wizard (we were pretty big fantasy geeks growing up). 

Jimmy Mitchell, Groomsman

Jimmy and I met in 3rd grade, both of us having the pleasure of instruction from Mrs. Sidorawitz. When we weren’t wreaking havoc in the classroom, we were biking around town and playing in the woods.  Jimmy and I looked incredibly similar in elementary school, so much so that we told people we were twins separated at birth (the scary part was that some people actually believed us!). Trips together were the norm through elementary, junior and high school. Following his freshman year, Jimmy moved to Rochester. Even though we were 400 miles apart, we stayed best friends throughout college. Despite being on opposite coasts, we bond is as strong as ever.

Nick Dickerson, Groomsman

Nick and I have the most interesting history of all my men. Nick and I were first acquainted on the Cross Country track, both running mediocre times (since most of our free time was spent concentrating on our studies). Our true bond formed while attending the American Legion’s New York Boys’ State, also known as the worst week of my life. In between marching around SUNY Morrisville and “pushin’ dirt” in Corporal Crawford’s “House of Pain,” a friendship formed that has last many years. Graduating from Middlebury, Nick is currently finishing his master’s in Cincinnati. I am very excited that he’ll be making the trip out to California to join Jillian and me as we start our journey of marriage together.

Eric Fisher, Groomsman

Eric and I met during a life changing stage of my life. I was attending summer camp at Yale University and Eric and I were in two of the same classes, Guerilla Filmmaking and Architecture. We just kind of clicked. Fast forward 6 years. Eric has graduated from UPenn and Tim from Dartmouth and Eric and Tim find themselves in San Francisco living within a few blocks of one another. After meeting up for dinner, the friendship was rekindled. I'm super excited to have Eric stand up as one of my groomsman.